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About Us

Hi, I’m Ryan McPherson, founder of Intelligent Worth.

I’ve been involved with financial planning and investment management since 2007, starting my career months away from the beginning of the financial crisis. Yes, bad timing, but also unrivaled experience. You end up learning much more when markets fall, companies fail, and financial plans are truly stressed.

For years, across different firms, I kept hearing the same thing from successful new clients in their early fifties to late sixties: “I wish we could have started working with you twenty to thirty years ago, this would all be so much easier…

They were and are correct.

Waiting until you're nearing retirement to work with a financial advisor is like checking Google Maps for the first time, 7 hours into an 8-hour road trip. You’re likely off course, if not completely lost, and will have to drive extra hours just to get back on track. (We’ll save running out of gas in a dicey area for a different analogy.)

Intelligent Worth grew out of my helping family and friends with investment management and financial planning issues.

On a personal note, I live in Atlanta, GA with my wife, Aiten, and pug, Oscar. Aiten and I met while in college at Emory University in an investments class. We try to travel whenever possible and love exploring international destinations. When not working, I’m tackling my ever-growing nightstand book stack, working out (and trying to avoid injuries), and perusing Atlanta’s burgeoning restaurant scene. I actively support and participate in Everybody Wins!, which promotes childhood literacy and the alumni mentor program of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School.

Santo Wines Winery, Santorini Greece - May 2016

Oscar the Pug

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