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What to expect from this blog


  • Money issues impacting young professionals (generally mid-40s and under) - typically attorneys, consultants, and physicians:
    • Balancing financial priorities - "How to pay down $195,000 in law school loans, save something, and enjoy yourself."
    • Money mistakes to avoid (I've seen these too many times.)
    • Financial order of operations - what to do next with your money
    • Home buying - how much home should you actually buy
    • Debt (credit cards, student loans, car loans, and mortgages)
    • Insurance - what types are needed and when and what to avoid and why 
    • Your 401(k)
    • Investing
    • Budgeting / savings
    • Emergency funds
    • Taxes
  • Current events
    • Occasionally, something will occur that relates to your finances

Posting Frequency

  • Twice a month

Other Site's Content

  • Absolutely. If I find something interesting and relevant on another site, I'll make sure it's included.

Questions / Comments: Email me