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How We Do It



We have to know where you are today.

Most importantly we need to understand what's really important to you? What gets you excited? What's happening behind the scenes? What do you want to prioritize?

While much of financial planning deals with numbers, these are meaningless without context, without a framework - our initial meetings build this framework.

During this process we'll also construct a 30,000 foot view of your financial life

This sets the stage, now we can move forward...


We create a 1-page summary of what's needed and what should be accomplished over varying timeframes. Think of this as an executive summary for a larger financial plan. This functions as short-term and long-term guide for your money.

As your life inevitably changes, the underlying plan and summary update as well.

Third  execute, execute, execute

One thing - that's what we focus on next. Not 10 next steps to be forgotten as life pulls at your time. Just one next thing. And we help you do it.

Understandably, this one thing differs for each client. Once we've accomplished the first one thing, we move on to the second, then the third, and so on.

This method works exceptionally well for overly committed professionals.

Are you ready to move forward or do you have a few more questions?  Let's chat!